December 26, 2015

My first capsule wardrobe.

Before I start off with the longest post so far on this blog, I want to wish you all a (late) merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoyed dinner last night and had a great time with your loved ones!

And now, back to business: I read something on the Internet about capsule wardrobes and now I'm obsessed with it. I had never heard of it but apparently, it's a thing and I have to say; the idea intrigues me as well. If you don't know what a capsule wardrobe is, you can read all about it in that same article but I'll explain the key ideas to you quickly;
  • You limit your wardrobe to 37 pieces for the season. In other words, you have to piece together all your outfits for 3 months out of those 37 pieces;
  • Those 37 pieces include tops, bottoms, shoes and jackets. Accessories, pyjamas, sport outfits and underwear are not included (luckily).
  • You stick to those 37 pieces during the season. So no shopping until the end of the season to get ready for a new capsule!
Why do you want to limit your wardrobe to only 37 pieces, you ask?
Well, if you are a typical girl like me, you probably have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear most of the time. As a consequence you're wearing the same clothes every time and maybe you have forgotten about the  other clothes still hanging there... unused (guilty!). By selecting the favorite 37 pieces of your wardrobe, you (1) save a lot of time because you have less time to think about all the possible combinations (because there aren't as much options to choose from), and (2) you save a lot of money as well because you only "are allowed to have" 37 pieces.

For more detailed information about capsule wardrobes and how to create your own you can check out this article... or this one... or this one... and this one is interesting too... or just google it and you'll have tons of articles to choose from. 

Like I said above, I'm definitely guilty of having a closet FULL of clothes and still feeling like I have nothing to wear. Seeing as I agreed to only buy 5 items this entire year (which I'm struggling with real hard but still sticking to the plan!), I thought a capsule wardrobe might be a good idea for me as well... So I decided to try it.

But before I could, I needed to make an inventory of what I have laying around at the moment... And the verdict was hard... Really hard. I took all my clothes - all seasons included, from my cute summer dresses 'til my warm and cozy winter sweaters - and spread them across my bed. I counted all of them and got to a stunning 176 pieces... Seriously, I have 176 clothing items and this wasn't even including any outerwear, no jackets or blazers, no shoes, no sportswear, not even the items that were in the washing hamper (this is a great reminder to why I decided to only buy 5 items). Thinking about the fact that I have well over 30 pairs of shoes and have more or less 3-4 blazers and another 5-7 coats, this means I at least have 220 items (including what's in the washing machine)... O ooo.

You can see that coming from 220 items it's not easy to go 37... I immediately knew that 37 was not going to be enough for me.. Not even close! But that's no problem because you don't have to pin yourself stuck to those 37 pieces, you can go for the number that feels right for you as long as you stick to your number. Anyway, I thought I'd stick to what's essential at the moment and kept only my clothing items that are suited for autumn. All my spring/summer clothes got stashed away somewhere under my bed without thinking about what I wanted to keep and what I wanted to toss. I'll deal with that later... Procrastinating much?

So... Let's get started then! After letting all non-relevant clothes disappear, I believe I had still a 70-ish pieces left and I wanted to end somewhere around 50 pieces at least, if possible I wanted to hit 40 (closer to 37, right?) although that seems an illusion. But first things first, left with all my winter clothes, I still had to make a selection of what could go and what I certainly wanted to keep. To do this, I might separate piles, which is the most common method to make such a selection, I think. I had a toss pile, a keep pile and a maybe pile (because I'm really bad at making decisions). I went through all my clothes and divided them between the different piles. The keepers went back into my closet and the toss pile went in the bin or were stored separately to maybe sell them later on and I stashed the maybe pile in a separate box so I could still use the clothes if I missed them too much.

Next step, I have all the clothes I want to wear but as this collection is more limited than I am used to, I started taking pictures of all my clothes to make an inventory on my computer. I thought it would help me to pair outfits together. I also uploaded these pictures on my phone and with help of the 'DressApp' that I installed, I could pair together clothing items until I had an outfit I liked and save it. I'm no fashionista so I often wear the same outfits again but I'm still a girl so a little variation is nice from time to time. This app was actually a very useful tool to create some outfits which were out of my comfort zone but pretty cute once I had them on.

Anyway, I've been talking and talking (or actually, writing and writing) about this capsule wardrobe the whole time without actually showing you any pictures so far. This is what I ended up with:

Okay, I have to admit that I didn't include all of my clothes (but still most of them, I didn't cheat that much) but it were simply too much pictures to fit into one frame... Sorry! I'm not sure whether this capsule wardrobe thing is actually going to work for me at all but I'm already happy I tried it. Why? Because I now realise what's in my closet. What I love, what I could live without or what I like but am not sure about if it's for me. I believe this excercise might help me find what is really 'me' and help me define 'my style'. So I'm happy anyway! ;)


  1. Sounds like a great idea. But Nope, i couldnt do it!

    Happy holidays

    1. I'm not sure if I will stick to it either, but we'll see!

      Thanks and happy New Year too! :)

  2. Ik ben benieuwd :D Ik denk niet dat ik het zou kunnen :p alhoewel ik zou eindelijk eens de kleren kunnen wegdoen die ik nooit draag ;) Maar eigenlijk wil ik stiekem eens mijn kleerkast uitbreiden met wat extra kleren :3

    1. Haha, als je kleren wilt bijkopen, gaat dit systeem inderdaad niet lukken, vrees ik! Ik heb ook geen idee of dit iets voor mij gaat zijn, maar ik neem de regels ook niet zo letterlijk! Ik ben al lang blij dat ik eindelijk eens wat orde heb geschept in de chaos die mijn kleerkast heet! :)