December 26, 2015

My first capsule wardrobe.

Before I start off with the longest post so far on this blog, I want to wish you all a (late) merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoyed dinner last night and had a great time with your loved ones!

And now, back to business: I read something on the Internet about capsule wardrobes and now I'm obsessed with it. I had never heard of it but apparently, it's a thing and I have to say; the idea intrigues me as well. If you don't know what a capsule wardrobe is, you can read all about it in that same article but I'll explain the key ideas to you quickly;
  • You limit your wardrobe to 37 pieces for the season. In other words, you have to piece together all your outfits for 3 months out of those 37 pieces;
  • Those 37 pieces include tops, bottoms, shoes and jackets. Accessories, pyjamas, sport outfits and underwear are not included (luckily).
  • You stick to those 37 pieces during the season. So no shopping until the end of the season to get ready for a new capsule!
Why do you want to limit your wardrobe to only 37 pieces, you ask?

December 19, 2015

White chocolate milk.

white chocolate milk - a floral sunset

So, the holidays are approaching fast and each year again around this time, I get in a sort of 'winter mode'.  All I want to do is cuddle up under a blanket, watch Christmas movies, stare at the Christmas tree (and all the presents underneath), eat cookies or other sweets and... drink some hot chocolate milk. I already shared my (not so) secret (anymore) recipe for a regular hot chocolate AND shared the joy of a nutella hot chocolate. Today, I came up with something new. Well, new... new for me... It's actually so evident but I never even thought about making white hot chocolate. Until one day at work, I got a revelation. I was even scared that I would forget this brilliant idea that I noted it down... Weirdest thing is... I don't even like white chocolate! But my dad does and he enjoyed this recipe very much! ;)

December 12, 2015


november 2015

1. Ran into Mr Grey at the Boekenbeurs. There are worse things in life // 2. Shopping trip to Eindhoven and found this cool street art // 3. I - of course - went to Primark and saw this cosy sweater of 'Stampertje'.. I had to take a picture for one of my colleagues because she's obsessed with it // 4. On my way to Gent... // 5. ... for a reunion with my Argentine-travel mates. Of course, we ate Argentinian steak // 6. Food truck festival @Felixpakhuis... // 7. ...where I saw these beautiful edible flowers // 8. My colleague and I had our one year facebook anniversary// 9. That same colleague started her own blog by the way, so be sure to check it out! Seriously, she bakes the most delicious food. I would know, I have often been one of her guinea pigs // 10. for some reason she also bought me these little mojito chocolates (because she knows I love mojito)... Isn't she the best? One more reason to check out her blog! // 11. I drank an 'advocaat' coffee for the first time.. WOW! I think I left drunk // 12. I also made tomato soup with meatballs (recipe will follow later) // 13. Trip to IKEA! After which, I started hoarding clothes hangers // 14. Breakfast with my girlfriends! // 15. Sitting cosy by the fire (which I made myself!) on a rainy Sunday afternoon. What more do you need?

And what have you been up to lately?

December 5, 2015


Speculoos/Ginger bread

It's almost Sinterklaas which means you can eat as much marzipan, chocolate and speculoos (I think it's translated as ginger bread in English but speculoos sounds much better) as you want because you know, Sinterklaas brought it so you don't want to be rude and let it turn bad. Right? Because I thought Sinterklaas shouldn't do all the work by himself I tried to make my own speculoos already... and it worked! Don't tell Sinterklaas but I think this one is even better than his but sht! Interested how I did it? Here's how you can make your own speculoos yourself;